It jolted me one day when in the middle of a session, a client opened his eyes, and asked if I was touching his Soul. I didn’t have an immediate answer and have since been grateful for what has become an almost two decade long enquiry for an answer to this profound question. Running a.. read more →

Holding a stretch, especially before and after a workout, improves performance and prevents injury…or so we were all told…But now, after years warming up and down with toe touches, forward bends and the famous “Runner’s Stretch”,  the benefits of holding a 20-30 second stretch is proving to be an injurious time waster. We imagine holding.. read more →

Lead from your heart, follow your heart…  A meaningless clichè or solid guidance for making decisions? Does following what’s in my heart today lead to a desirable outcome longterm? Doesn’t doing so put one at risk for heartbreak? And who hasn’t had a change of heart down the road? I’ve heard “lead from the heart”.. read more →