It jolted me one day when in the middle of a session, a client opened his eyes, and asked if I was touching his Soul. I didn’t have an immediate answer and have since been grateful for what has become an almost two decade long enquiry for an answer to this profound question. Running a.. read more →

Holding a stretch, especially before and after a workout, improves performance and prevents injury…or so we were all told…But now, after years warming up and down with toe touches, forward bends and the famous “Runner’s Stretch”,  the benefits of holding a 20-30 second stretch is proving to be an injurious time waster. We imagine holding.. read more →

Lead from your heart, follow your heart…  A meaningless clichè or solid guidance for making decisions? Will my heart based decision mean I am going to be pleased with in the future? Does it put me at risk for heartbreak? And who hasn’t had a change of heart down the road? Does following what’s in.. read more →

Lately, my Rolfing colleagues and I have been discussing our work of Structural Integration, the re-alignment of physical structure through touch and movement, and neuroscience, the study of the nervous system. Science has known for ages that the brain informs the body. The brain creates a message in the form of a thought and via nerves, sends the message.. read more →

The mouth, jaw, and tongue are powerful areas in the body. They express, take in, give out, taste, and are a baby’s first area of self-soothing and sensory exploration. While TMJ, teething grinding, or an aching jaw are obvious indicators of excessive jaw tension, studied observation of the mandible (lower jaw bone) to the cranium.. read more →

Thanks in part to my chosen profession, I am a keen and interested observer of posture, body language and movement. I am constantly fascinated by the many ways there are to express oneself through movement; there seems to be as much variety of ways to move as there are people. As Vancouver’s 10K Sun Run.. read more →

24 Dec 2013
December 24, 2013


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It is my job to look at a client’s body and observe what structural changes could help the person move more easily, breathe more freely, and feel more comfortable. In the safety of my office, it is easy to do. I am wearing my Structural Integration glasses. My view is focussed on the arrangement of.. read more →

This four day workshop covered many themes; all related to using the body as a vehicle for healing. The difference between using the body to heal (“bottom up processing”) vs. the brain to heal (“top down processing”) is that the body can sequence and release egoic emotions (anger, fear, sadness) where as the brain needs.. read more →

As I walk into a room, I take in with my eyes the shape of the room, the brightness of the lights, the presence of other people. Sight is the primary sense from which most humans receive information about their surroundings. Eye movement helps determine what exactly we think we see. If our gaze is.. read more →

The endocrine glands are a system; Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen repeated the glands’ significance as a system a few times during the workshop and I have made several parallels between this observation and her unique teaching style. I heard BBC say that each member of the group must be ready before the community as a whole.. read more →