Its not everyday that one has the opportunity to study and learn from a true pioneer; not an instructor, or a teacher but a genuine original thinker. I was fortunate enough to study with one for three full days- and in Vancouver! No travel necessary! The title of the workshop, “Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) From.. read more →

I have been asked by a colleague about tango dancing and lordosis…The following is my response based on my experience with tango and Structural Integration. I refer to the follower as a woman and the leader as a man solely for the purpose of easy clarification. The posture of the close embrace involves a slight.. read more →

Biomechanics of Alignment- an advanced training taught by Liz Gaggini gave me new perspectives on various patterns and structural misalignments that affect support, adaptability and movement. By the end of the workshop I was seeing deeper layers of structure- like a body within a body. A key to this workshop was understanding how parts relate.. read more →

Scars are interesting; they tell stories. Even when they are barely visible on the skin they can exist under the surface as physical and palpable proof of a significant life experience. Different types of scars benefit from different types of manual touch. A cesarean scar on the abdomen that appears as a thin faded incision line.. read more →

I’ve taken this class three times and it remains the most profound, illuminating and inspiring workshop I’ve ever taken on any subject. It is a workshop that relates to anything human- be it anatomy, health, movement, and spirituality. Each time I’ve taken this class I gain a new understanding of the body, what lives inside.. read more →