About Jessica Silver

After years of ballet training and a 9-5 desk job hunched at a computer, my shoulders felt like they were held up around my ears and my hips felt tight and stiff, as if my legs were wooden. I began searching for something (anything!) that could make my body feel free and light. In 1999 I was Rolfed. After the first session my body felt lighter and straighter. My shoulders dropped from where they felt like they were held up to my ears, my legs felt light, and my back felt long. I moved more easily and had more energy than I had in my entire adult life. As my body felt more comfortable, my perspectives on life and what I wanted to do changed, and I began to study meditation and various movement modalities. In February, 2000 I became a certified Structural Integration Practitioner (“Rolfer”) at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and then five years later completed my advanced training. I was fortunate to have been taught this work by Dr. Rolf’s senior students who are dedicated to its traditional teachings. Since then, I have had a full time practise and continue to further my education by participating regularly in Structural Integration workshops to bring new skills and knowledge to my community in Vancouver, Canada.

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Various continuing education classes that have enhanced my understanding of the work:

Workshop: Integral Anatomy 10 Day Unfixed Cadaver Dissection
Date: July 2019 Instructor: Gil Hedley

Workshop: Seeing, Moving Feeling
Date: March 2019 Instructor: Judith Aston

Workshop: Balancing the Face for Structural Integrators
Date: March 2015 Instructor: Lauren Christman/Richard Polishuk

Workshop: Embodying Tonic Function: Perceptual and Coordinative Skills that Integrate Structure
Date: March 2013 Instructors: Kevin Frank/Caryn McHose

Workshop: Embodiment of the Endocrine System
Date: February 2013 Instructor: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Workshop: The Cranium and Structural Integration
Date: November 2012 Instructor: Sharon Hancoff

Workshop: Biomechanics of Alignment: Shoulder Girdle and Thorax, Neck and Spine
Date: September 2012 Instructor: Liz Gaggini

Workshop: Biomechanics of Alignment: Pelvis, Legs and Arms
Date: July 2012 Instructor: Liz Gaggini

Workshop: Integrating Scartissue
Date: May 2012 Instructor: Sharon Hancoff

Workshop: Integral Anatomy Human Cadaver Dissection
Date: April 2013 April 2012, April 2010, April 2008 Instructor: Gil Hedley

Workshop: Strong and Flexible Knees
Date: March 2012 Instructor: Erik Franklin

Workshop: The Art of Rolfing
Date: February 2012 Instructor: Sharon Hancoff

Workshop: Structural-Visceral Approaches for the Thorax, Diaphragm and Mid-back
Date: November 2011 Instructor: Bruce Schonfeld

Workshop: Bone Rolling
Date: September 2011 Instructor: Sharon Hancoff

Workshop: Coming Into Form
Date: February 2011 Instructor: Gil Hedley

Workshop: Visceral Manipulation Abdomen 1
Date: November, 2010 Instructor: Anabel Mackenzie (Barral Institute)

Workshop: Post 10-series work
Date: May 2010 Instructor: Neal Powers

Workshop: Post 10-series workshop
Date: February 2009 Instructor: Emmet Hutchins