Its not everyday that one has the opportunity to study and learn from a true pioneer; not an instructor, or a teacher but a genuine original thinker. I was fortunate enough to study with one for three full days- and in Vancouver! No travel necessary! The title of the workshop, “Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) From a Body Systems Perspective” eluded me but I signed up because I have been advised over the past ten years to study with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She is a true innovator, an artist, and a successful human being. She is alive on deep levels and inspires and teaches how to find that life force that exists (usually) dormant in every one of us.

The workshop was mysterious and wonderous in its content and its delivery though when I try to explain what exactly it was about all I can say is that it is about breath, about awareness, about sensing, feeling and being.
I spent a lot of the weekend wriggling on the floor like an embryo. My doubting mind snickered at me, my rationalizing voice screamed “WTF?”, and a deeper inner voice said nothing as I allowed my body to accept what I was doing with it- taking it to a place before judgement and familiarity entered my world.
Near the end of the workshop, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen said that she “does not know anything”. Her not knowing taught me a lot. I’m not even sure -a day after the workshop concluded- what exactly I did learn. But I know I have a keener felt sense of myself, other people and the space in which I am moving.