It jolted me one day when in the middle of a session, a client opened his eyes, and asked if I was touching his Soul.
I didn’t have an immediate answer and have since been grateful for what has become an almost two decade long enquiry for an answer to this profound question. Running a full-time Rolfing practise, and studying the work and complementary practises have allowed me to uncover the discover what runs underneath mental dialogue and how it can be accessed through touch.
The Soul is Mind, and its connection to our bodies determines the quality of our health and the quality of our lifetime experiences. Yet (Soul)Mind is not the body.
Brains activity thinks, it “chatters” and flits around, makes decisions, ponders, contemplates, and calculates.Our thoughts consume us all throughout our waking days, sometimes helping us, sometimes driving us crazy.
What’s the Soul doing at this time then? And is it possible to be touched in a Rolfing session? Mind is there all the time, running in silence, never interrupting, and heard only when the brain chatter is quiet long enough to perceive its presence. This sound of silence is Soul affirming presence, a welcome gift to know that one’s personal existence is more than the chattering mind.
In a Rolfing session (or meditation session, yoga class, walking in nature or anywhere), it is possible to quiet the nervous system’s ramped up state enough to hear silence between the thoughts. In my experience, these are sweet fleeting moments to be cherished and sought. A silent mind is attunement to one’s Soul.
I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be part of another’s process to finding and deepening his/her own Body/Soul-Mind Connection.