Structural Integration helps improve athletic and artistic performance by re-organizing physical structure and adopting new habits to use gravity and alignment efficiently. Hands-on bodywork that encourages the body to let go of places that feel “stuck” results in greater range of motion, strength and increased flexibility. Structural Integration results in seemingly small changes to one’s everyday.. read more →

Long after an injury or surgery, the body can  hold onto residual sensations including stiffness to impaired mobility. Compensation patterns can occur that make a person feel off balance or weaker on one side of the body. Structural Integration restores fluidity and flexibility to the body by working the connective tissues around muscles and working.. read more →

Optimally, living bodies are moving expressions of vitality. Poor posture, on the other hand, the look and feel of being dragged down, collapsed, or slouched, betrays and interferes with this vitality and makes living a lot harder than it needs to be. The causes of poor posture are varied: they can be the mixed result.. read more →

Chronic pain can be experienced in various places in the body including the head, feet, lower back, and in the neck and shoulders. Structural Integration is often a solution to relief from chronic pain. Its approach to alleviating chronic pain is not with a fix-it type manipulation or symptomatic spot work, but with a careful.. read more →