Chronic pain can be experienced in various places in the body including the head, feet, lower back, and in the neck and shoulders. Structural Integration is often a solution to relief from chronic pain. Its approach to alleviating chronic pain is not with a fix-it type manipulation or symptomatic spot work, but with a careful understanding of the body and its presenting physical imbalances.

Through a 10-session series of working slowly and thoroughly through fascial layers (a sensitive connective tissue sheath around muscles), Structural Integration restores fluidity to the body, calms the nervous system, and rebalances parts of the body that are under strain or excessive tension. It also relieves the body of compensatory patterns from old injuries and historic trauma. 

By balancing structure and creating relationships in the body that are harmonious, the body feels lighter, less compressed and more spacious. Part of the Structural Integration process also includes learning how to move in a body that feels  “like oneself, only better”.